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  Education: College degree or above

  English level: fluent in English, can successfully express communication, comprehension ability

  Relevant Experience: Relevant foreign trade company Household Supplies more than one year work experience
  Job Description:

  1, work initiative, hard work, carefully, there is a strong sense of responsibility;

  2, customers can develop independently, handling coordination ability, to actively communicate with customers and colleagues;

  3, clear thinking, quick reaction, things crisp, methodical;

  4, lively and cheerful, hardworking, ambitious.

  Location: Yiwu


  Education: College degree or above
  English: English for more than
  Relevant experience: more than a year with a single underlying commodity hardware work experience is preferred
  Job Description:

  1, responsible, self-motivated;

  2, team spirit, hard working, able to work under pressure.

  3, can arrange a planned completion of the company's work

  4, carefully quality is essential Merchandiser

  Location: Yiwu



  Education: College degree or above

  English level: None

  Relevant experience: more than one year experience in procurement

  Job Description:

  1, the recruitment of professional engaged in stationery, toys, seasonal promotional gifts, kitchen, bathroom, small appliances, electrical appliances, groceries, machinery. Hardware                   procurement;

  2, work carefully, willing to endure hardship, can withstand a certain pressure.

  3, there are certain professional knows that the goods have a certain understanding of manufacturing principles

  4, acceptable travel frequently

  Location: Yiwu